The fine folks at Lobo invited me to create some styleframes for a pitch they did for Knob Creek. The idea was to show a camera travel from a microscopic view thru the final frame. I had a blast working on this project, alongside a bunch of talented people.

This campaign for Knob Creek whiskey brings up vinyl record imagery as a perfect way to encapsulate the spirit of the Knob Creek customer: sophisticated, with discerning taste and an obsessive attention to detail. The parallels between the record, the turntable, the bottle and the lifestyle of the connaisseur who appreciates those fine things are traced in an elegant, continuous visual journey from micro to macro: from the soul of the vinyl to the cool ambience of an apartment, passing by luscious shots of the Knob Creek bottle and its contents.
Directed by Mateus de Paula Santos and João Tenório, the spot has CG and live action working together to create an engaging, seamless journey throughout the film. The first half is CG-based, starting deep within a canyon-like view of a vinyl record’s groove, until the camera pulls back from the turntable and passes through the amber glow of a bottle of Knob Creek. That’s when we transition to live action, showing beautiful close-ups of the curves and indents of the glass. The camera keeps the same fluid motion until we reveal the character, the drink shot and the full ambience of the living room.

Director: Mateus de Paula Santos

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