Hello! I’m Cesar, an independent motion designer and 3D generalist.
During my education as a designer, I discovered animation and it’s power to create meaning and evoke emotions. Since then, I went all in on this path.
Throughout my career I’ve been working remotely, which allowed me to work with a bunch of talented people and leading studios worldwide - from UK, Los Angeles, New York, Madrid, Buenos Aires and São Paulo. I use 3D animation and simulations while combining design to help studios tell their stories.
Tendril | Future Deluxe | Hornet | Buck | Not Real | Laundry | Wolf & Crow | Fellow LA | Base Design | The Famous Group | Lobo | Vetor Zero | The End | Consulado

I'm available for remote projects. Feel free to contact me if you wanna chat or if you have any work stuff in mind.
When I'm not working, I do some experiments and post them on

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